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Dental Tourism To Richmond: Where To Stay, What Cafes to Frequent?

How far would you travel to see a dentist?

For many Australians that used to be a question for which the answer that was Thailand or Malaysia or The Philippines. There used to be travel agencies that focused on booking trips for overseas cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery and dental work.

These agencies used to organise itinerary, flights, accommodation and sightseeing tours. They offered advice and information on dental clinics and hospitals. They knew about the importance of accreditation by organisations like the International Organisation for Standardisations and the Joint Commission International.

Since 2020 you’d be lucky to be able travel a few suburbs, or across the city to see a dentist. Unless it was some kind of emergency. Certainly travelling interstate is off the agenda; unless you live in a border town. And even then …

Or you’re a politician. Or someone looking for real estate in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

That 75% saving you will have pocketed by having your dental work done overseas will now have to be spent here – so you might as well find quality dentistry and chase up some local tourism while you’re at it.

Local. Really local. Like the place that you actually live.

So instead of it being about the exotic it’s about the espresso; rather than tour it’s Toorak, and replace guides with grazing.

And indeed it you can.

For here in Richmond our clinic is blessed with being in one of Melbourne’s favourite destination suburbs. Indeed all Australia have heard of Richmond, and now there’s more reasons to visit our historic neighbourhood than ever before: come for your orthodontics, Invisalign, dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry like dental veneers or teeth whitening.

Steak and Wine, Elevate Dental, Richmond

Graze on Toorak is an intimate wine bar and restaurant. Not that that matters during a lockdown, but you can still order their delicious bites, snacks and Chef selections to have delivered to your door. Less than ten minutes from the check-up and clean you had done by your favourite dentist, you can ring Graze on Toorak and order your and reward.

Maybe with some Hervey Bay scallops. And a piece of scotch fillet with lemon roasted potatoes on the side.

You need teeth to eat steak. Well done for going to the dentist. (Or medium rare. The good thing is you went to the dentist.) Better still was your decision to have that regular appointment every six months.

Like you used to not do that you don’t do now.

It’s what makes you the stuff of legends now. And with Richmond just a stone’s throw from Melbourne’s iconic sporting precinct, it’s not a bad idea to remind yourself of the greats, the mates, and the places you haven’t been to for a while: the hallowed Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Rod Laver Arena, AAMI Stadium.

And the home of the biggest concert attendance in the Southern Hemisphere: Sidney Myer Music Bowl. If you listen hard enough you might hear the echoing sounds of its last event.

Certainly admire its form at least. Breaking ground in ’58 and opening in1959, in terms of structure, scale and architectural sophistication, Myer Music Bowl was the most impressive example of a tensile structural system with a free form roof. It might have been inspired by the Hollywood Bowl, but it brought Aussie ingenuity to the fore when new techniques in construction were developed to make the sound shell both watertight and aerodynamic.

There’s a bit of waxing lyrical that needs polishing off with a beer.

The heart in the heart of Richmond is, of course, the Richmond Club Hotel. Resurrected, reinvigorated, and a brilliant beer garden that’s a clever mix of seating and standing space. Hungry locals and self-proclaimed foodies love the modern interpretation the kitchen overlays on all the pub classics, and only five bucks more makes your cheeseburger a double.

And you can have a glass of wine at sunset on the Rooftop to celebrate your newfound dedication to your own oral heath.

Cheers! Go Tigers!

Like the tigers of old, be strong and be bold and smoulder sinewy with balletic grace off to Two Birds One Stone for some bright urbanity and down to earth deliciousness. Everything they can is made in-house: smoked ham, smoked salmon, their own relish.

Eat up, and in your dream traveller world, book yourself into a one bedroom apartment at Quest Abbotsford. There’s space to move, smart tv, high speed internet and a fully equiped kitchen that will inspire you to make use of the in-house gym.

After all, now that you have your new dental regimen the rest of you making you best, follows.

Like killing Two Birds One Stone – where one of Melbourne’s most superb coffees is served. The only reason to not couple your favourite brew with their ricotta pancake is because you’re mesmerised by all the cakes and pastries they bake.

Order yourself another double ristretto topped with steamed milk because it’s magic.

And served in a tulip glass.

Feels so exotic.

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James Wong is a wonderful Dentist. The communication and patience through the procedure was first class.

James B


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James Wong is a wonderful Dentist. The communication and patience through the procedure was first class.

James B


What a professional and friendly team at Elevate Dental Richmond. Dr Judith’s infectious smile is matched only by her highly competent dentistry.
Richmond is lucky to have such a caring practice! Thanks guys.

Peter O


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