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No Dental Pain, No Dental Problem: Is This a Myth?

Pain is the red flashing light of impending danger not an early warning signal that some of us might imagine it to be. Perhaps, pain wakes some up from a lifetime’s slumber of ennui and lethargy but it is a message of last resort. No dental pain, no dental problem: Is this a myth? Yes, I answer definitively in the affirmative. People avoid dealing with dental issues because in their experience they are the harbingers of expense and pain. Going to the dentist when you have neglected the health and care of your teeth and gums is, often, a costly business because of the prevarication and delays preceding doing something about the problem. Shop early and often! Your teeth are an incredibly important part of your physical body. They deserve your utmost attentive good will. Too much abundance and good cheer in our lives has spoiled the teeth of many. Our children are rotten with choice of sugary foods and drinks fed by the capitalist machine with its sole focus on making money.

Too Easy to Get Into Bad Habits Around Oral Hygiene

It is all too easy to get into bad habits around oral hygiene. We expect our teeth to perform day in and day out despite neglect and indifferent treatment. Teeth are the hard bits we chomp with and chew our victuals. If we are somewhat dutiful to our dental health we may brush our teeth morning and night. Hopefully mum and dad instilled this basic ritual into our daily DNA. There are other important things that we can do to aid the health and wellbeing of our teeth and gums like flossing. The occasional gargle with a quality mouth wash will not go astray either. Keeping our teeth free from the detritus of a meal or snack will help preserve the life of our teeth. Talk to your local dentist about the best ways to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Avoid Dental Pain By Eating Right

One of the best ways to avoid dental pain and tooth decay is to watch your diet in the first place. Pay attention to what you put into your mouth and the ingredients contained within the foods and drinks you commonly consume. Stay aware of what and how you eat. Bring some vigilance to the whole nourishment factor. Drink plenty of pure water instead of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Water will flush your oral cavity and your internal system. Avoid eating too much processed food and carbohydrates. Rather eat plenty of plant fibre and whole foods. Look after your teeth and they will look after you long into your life. Diet is probably the single most important element for the health and wellbeing of your teeth, gums, and body. Don’t smoke and do not drink heavily (alcohol).

Monitor & Maintain Teeth & Gums with The Help of Your Local Dentist

Monitor the health and status of your teeth and gums. Do not let things linger in terms of the care of your oral hygiene. Regular visits to your local dentist will pay off in the long term. Establish an annual schedule with your dentist or dental clinic to ensure the optimal care of your valuable teeth. People lock in regular servicing for their motor cars because they are valuable material possessions. Well, your teeth and gums are much more valuable than any car in terms of what they provide to your life. Regular check ups will actually save you money by avoiding dental crises which invariable cost lots of money in emergency settings. Establish a practical relationship with your dentist and value his or her input into the maintenance of your health and wellbeing. This relationship will reward you with your own strong teeth for longer. Smile because you still can.

Break Bad Habits Around Eating & Drinking

It is all too easy to get into bad habits around eating and drinking when we are young. We think that we are going to live forever and have a false sense of indestructibility. All too soon cracks in the armour begin to show with our seemingly unbreakable enamel showing signs of decay. Teeth are hard nuts when healthy but daily doses of sugar dripping soft drinks and sweets soon render the castle breached. Older relatives often indulge small children with sweet treats. This charming behaviour can produce unforeseen results with too much sugar entering the system of vulnerable children. Addictions to sugary substances can quickly establish themselves in the lives of these kids and set the train on a collision course with bad dental health outcomes. We are not designed to consume large amounts of processed foods rich in carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. These foods play havoc with our short term and long term health. Your dentist can advise you on a diet which will assist you in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your teeth and gums.

Dentists Co-Creating Optimal Dental Health With Their Clients

Don’t see your dentist as someone who picks up the pieces after you have wilfully and indifferently neglected the health of your teeth and gums. The whole no dental pain, no dental problem is a misguided belief and attitude to take toward yourself and your relationship with your teeth. Ultimately, you are only hurting yourself, of course. Stupidity is no real excuse because there is plenty of information and data readily available about your responsibilities regarding your dental health. Mum and dad have, most likely, repeatedly encouraged you to brush your teeth morning and night. This is a most basic parental principle to impart toward your children. Even if you were let down in this regard schools have imparted this message as well to their pupils. You would be hard pressed to navigate your formative years without encountering regular lessons about the importance of dental care, eating right and nutrition. Flagrant disregard for your most basic responsibilities as a human being within this community will shorten your life span and reduce your quality of life. Dentists want a co-creating role with their clients to facilitate optimal dental health and general wellbeing. Together we can do it better!

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James Wong is a wonderful Dentist. The communication and patience through the procedure was first class.

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James Wong is a wonderful Dentist. The communication and patience through the procedure was first class.

James B


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