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As you are shopping around for a new home to look after all yours and your family’s dental needs, you probably came across a great range of prices from different dental clinics, and you must wonder… Why are there price differences for different dental practices?

Well, today we’re going to share with you why there are price differences with different dental clinics, especially compared to overseas.

By the way, I’m Dr Wong, I’m the principal dentist here at Elevate Dental.

Different Dentists Have Different Skill Sets

It’s kind of like an apprentice builder versus an established master builder, with time comes experience. With experience comes fewer mistakes and better craftsmanship. And just like everything, experience matters in dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry.

Practice Philosophies Can Be Different

Some dentists are more short term focused. For example, for a broken tooth they may only put a small filling to repair the broken section. While this is cheaper at the start, over time the filling and tooth will be repaired multiple times and sometimes results in the extraction of the tooth when it becomes too weak. This is what we call patch-up dentistry and can end up being more expensive in the end.

Other dentists like us are more long term focused. This means we take more time to understand your needs and be thorough in our investigations. It means that we invest in and use the best materials and equipment to make sure that we can deliver longterm results. So this is another factor that can impact the price.

Quality of Material That Is Used

Material that will be sitting in your mouth for a very very long time.There are different grades of materials, as well as the countries they come from. For example, porcelain crowns and veneers can be manufactured overseas at a much lower cost. The quality of porcelain used and the workmanship of these can mean that it can affect how long they will last in the mouth.

Here at Elevate Dental, we only use choose the best materials for the quality and safety of our patients. We wouldn’t put anything in your mouth that we wouldn’t put in ours. We also partner with the best laboratories in Australia so that whenever we place anything, quality is guaranteed.


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Tim B

They are great! Victor has been my dentist for the last five years while I have worked at Swinburne University, and I recommend him and his team highly.

Tim B

So I hope you now understand why there are price differences between dentists, which will help you in making your decision in which dentist you will choose for your next dental treatment.

By the way, if you are looking for a new dentist to look after you and your family, we would love to help. We are friendly, caring and compassionate. Why not give us a call at +61 3 9428 2424, send us a direct message on social media, or complete the enquiry form on our website at, and we will help you organise your appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

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